Thursday, November 10, 2011

Late Fall Fishing?

Is Fishing Season Over?
Of course not! Though we've passed through the busy season and even the off season and have now entered in the abyss of late fall/early winter - there is still fishing to be done. With the options we have around here, there are always a few fish to be caught. Weather can be the issue now, it's hard to predict what one will get from day to day, and cold mornings are generally unproductive. Yet as the day warms we're still seeing some great action on the Yellowstone, Madison , Gallatin as well as on the spring creeks down in Livingston. Streamer fishing on the Yellowstone was at its peak just a week and a half ago and my guess is that those tough enough to brave the elements could still have a shot at a few big browns. And if it's calm, and that's a big "if" there are still fish to be caught on dries.
Though most folks are well into hunting mode and have stored the fishing gear in the corner of the room temporarily, don't dismiss the option of fishing entirely - this is the most uncrowded time of the year without question and if conditions are right, a few hours of late fall fishing might be just what the doctor ordered!