Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cold, Cold, Cold

Just back from a waterfowl hunt on the North Platte in Nebraska. Weather was warm and no ice on the river which mde the sloughs we hunted slightly less desirable than normal. Still, we shot more geese and greenheads than we deserved. A highlight was certainly a roast mallard prepared by Ted Brown that was quite possibly the best duck I've eaten. If and when he gives up the recipe, I will pass it on.  Last night, a report rolled in that a 4 man limit was shot in about 90 minutes yesterday morning out of the same blind we'd hunted the day before. Timing is everything!
      And so it goes with this hunting and fishing and probably most anything else in life. So often, it seems we're just a day early or a few steps behind. "You shoulda been here yesterday." I've long since given up worrying about that. You get what you get and if your expectations are real, dissapointment is rare. Success is directly related to the conditions at hand. So oftenm, true satisfaction can be deriven from making it happen on those days when everyone else has given up.
      Frigid here today, 9 below zero. Looks like it'll be fly tying day.