Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lots of Water

Water, water, water. Tons of out out here these days and while it's been an incovenience to anglers the benefits are going to be good conditions for the bulk of the summer. Without a doubt options are limited at the moment though its a day to day kind of deal. I have spent much of the past month on the Missouri which, in spite of massive flows, has been nothing short of phenomenal . THose who have not experienced that river during May or June should put it on the list. Due to high water flows of the past few years, fish populations up there are booming and most fish are averaging 17 inches which, in my opinion, is pretty impressive. Its been a nymphing deal up there with crayfish, caddis pupa, SJ worms and Buggers - the dry fly fishing will come when the river drops in the next few weeks.

As of now, the Madison is shaping up. Fished it today and while it is off color and flowing high the fishing is good. We're hoping for salmonflies at any point though everything has run late this year so it may still be a week or so away. Aside from this it's been lakes and spring creeks. With a lake dy tomorrow, I'm off to tie some callibaetis spinners and damselfly nymphs.

The big question is wehen the Yellowstone is going to clear - it's crankin now - I'm guessing, optimistically, that it will be around July 20 - more than likely it will be Aug 1. We'll see. Keep in touch.